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Lambskins and Sheepskins of Gotlandsheep

- with smooth silky locks

Sheep have been grazing at Sindarve farm for more than 40 years. We now have 260 ewes and raise more than 400 lambs every year. The Gotland sheep have their origin at the Swedish island of Gotland. Many years of breeding has resulted in beautiful lambskins with shiny curls in all different shades of grey.

The lambskins and sheepskins are sold in a shop at our farm and in the Webshop.

Welcome to visit us on Gotland or to order for delivery by post.


Windann´s Alice

Eva Twengström and Mats Pettersson - Sindarve sheep farm - SE-623 50 Hemse, Sweden
Phone +46(0)498 48 46 88 - Mobile +46(0)708 490 245

Updated 2018-01-31